Biotrue® ONEday for Astigmatism 30-pack


Biotrue® ONEday for Astigmatism 30-pack

$23.83 per box

Buy 12 boxes, save $70 or buy 24 and save $140
Limit 1 per Member. Offer valid 1/1/19 through 12/31/19
Valid prescription required
  • Material: Nesofilcon A
  • Wear & Replace Schedule: Daily
  • Water Content: 78%
  • FSA Eligible

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Astigmatism, which can occur with myopia or hyperopia, is a condition in which the light entering the eye is not refracted (or bent) equally in all directions. Due to differences in the curvature of the cornea or lens of the eye, the light has two focal points from two axes often causing blurred near and distance vision.

Experience Biotrue® ONEday for Astigmatism daily disposable contact lenses for consistently clear vision and comfort throughout the day. 
  • Material: Nesofilcon A
  • Wear & Replace Schedule: Daily
  • Water Content: 78%
  • Package Size: 30 Pack
  • Manufacturer: Bausch + Lomb

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